• Reinhard Sax is not only a successful businessman, he is also a fantastic breeder of Arabian horses. He fills his active life every day with living in the midst of his beloved Arabian horses. Since he was a child, he always had animals and was a constantly busy and very hard working person. With all his power and excellent management, he built up one of the biggest scaffolding companies in South-Germany. Now Reinhards son is running the company, so Reinhard has more time for his hobby: „The Arabian Horse.

    For the love of the breed!
    Reinhard Sax – a perfectionist and a person who is always looking ahead!
    Until today more than 500 foals were born at the farm and many of them have become Intern. Multi-Champions. All stallions standing at stud got a Gold or Silver Ribbon at the stallion licensing show in Aachen.
    The breeding goal of Sax Arabians is to keep the quality very high and use the best for their future breeding program. Some of them are as well sold to new breeders to give them the chance to start their own successful breeding program around the world with excellent bloodlines and horses! Sax Arabians starts now to breed the 5th generation!

    Stallions standing at stud:
    The „Golden Russian/Egyptian cross standing at Sax Arabians

    The very successful AL MILAN (AL LAHAB x MILENA ) and his outstanding, successful son AL MARID ( AL MILAN x BAFRA B by EL NABILA B ) and MONOPOL IBN AL MILAN out of the black mare MONAH by VYMPEL.

    The new generation sired by „The Champion Maker WH JUSTICE, AL JUSTICE and
    JUSTIAAN, two very interesting young stallions!

    AL JUSTICE already did an excellent job – many very outstanding fillies and colts were born and presented very successfully in the show-ring. JUSTIAANs first foals will be born in 2014!

    Reinhard Sax is very excited about this – more mares will be pregnant for the 2015 season.
    The Russian influence especially by MESHAN IBN KUBINEC out of the Elite-mare MENASCHA by MENES, dam of KRUSHINKA and dam of the Triple-Crown Winner mare ESSTEEMA will hopefully be clearly seen. MESHAN IBN KUBINEC is the sire of the beautiful golden power boy MARSHAN – everybody knows and loves him, because of his amazing personality and powerful movement. Reinhard Sax and Simon Kelly are very proud to show this year the beautiful white daughter by MARSHAN, called MARSHANI out of the exotic mare AMYRA BINT KHIDAR.

    AMIR IBN AL AMRYA another bay stallion, Russian/Egyptian cross sired by the darkbay MASSIMO IBN MIROKAN out of one of the best broodmares standing at stud, AL AMRYA.

    Equally important to the breeding results is the great influence of World-Res. Champion stallion KHIDAR by ANSATA SINAN. Sax Arabians still offers frozen semen by KHIDAR and fresh semen by AL AMRYAN, a son of KHIDAR out of AL AMRYA, sired by BJ THEE MUSTAFA.
    EUROPE AL KHIDAR, an exotic son out of Triple-Crown-Winner mare ESSTEEMA is standing at stud via natural breeding.
    Nearly all stallions are available via fresh- or frozen semen.


    Reinhard Sax is very thankful about the great co-operation between the two show- trainers, working at the farm, Simon Kelly and Sebastian Hanss. For foaling and taking care of the youngsters and riding horses, Manuela Frech is working for many years at the farm. In order to run the farm as successfully and professionally as desired by Reinhard Sax a great young team is supporting them.

    Sax Arabians offers the following service:
    Show-Training and presentation at Arabian horse shows as well as managing clients stallions to collect fresh semen and shipping service EU-wide.

    Simon Kelly, trainer at Sax Arabians Germany says:
    The quality on shows all over the world at the moment is unbelievable!
    Competing on shows is getting harder and harder!
    And if you dont have everything, then its hard to compete!

    In 2013 he had excellent show-success with one of his favorite mares, NAHA who became GOLD-Champion at the German Nationals!
    The filly AL JUSTYRA, proudly presented by Simon, got the title GOLD-Junior Champion filly at the German Nationals, Aachen 2013. At the Intern. B-Show in Ströhen, AL JUSTYRA won an amazing strong class with 12 horses competing from world famous studs and breeders – and at the end she got the Bronze-Champion title!
    This was a highlight of my 2013 show-season as well as the 2nd place of the young stallion AL MARID at the Intern. A-Show in Menton/France and the 2nd place also for AL MARID at the European-Championship in Verona Italy, were he ended up with the European Bronze-Champion title!

    Sebastian Hanss, trainer at Sax Arabians Germany says:
    A good show horse needs a good combination of everything!
    It must of course be beautiful, should have fun to present itself and should also have good nerves!
    In 2013 I presented the yearling colt MARTICE by AL JUSTICE and at the end he was European-Champion-colt „Top Five – that was a great result for the breeders, Reinhard and Monika Sax and for myself! At the Intern. B-Show in Marbach I presented the beautiful WH JUSTICE son JUSTIAAN out of LAMANA (one of my favorite mares).
    JUSTIAAN was GOLD-Champion Junior colt and the colt MURANAS JAMEEL, belonging to a client from us, went home as GOLD-Champion colt. It was a great show for me, my client and for my boss, Reinhard Sax.

    For the first time I am now invited to present horses in Abu Dhabi for a client. It is my first trip to a show in the Middle East and I am very happy and thankful to have the chance to present Arabian horses at an Intern. Arabian horse show in the U.A.E.

    You didnt had time to visit the stud of Reinhard and Monika Sax?
    You should go and visit them! The farm is located in South-Germany, 30 km northern Munich airport and 75 km northern Munich city.

    Reinhard and Monika Sax are very proud of being a small part of that amazing and interesting „Arabian Horse World!

    Sax Arabians Germany
    Reinhard Sax
    Peissing 2

    84169 Altfraunhofen

    E-Mail: sax@sax-arabians.com
    Homepage: http://www.sax-arabians.de
    Telefon: +49 (0) 8705-929-0

    Sax Arabians Germany
    Reinhard Sax
    Peissing 2

    84169 Altfraunhofen

    E-Mail: sax@sax-arabians.com
    Homepage: http://www.sax-arabians.de
    Telefon: +49 (0) 8705-929-0

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